About Us

Launched in 2017, Garnet is an online clothing brand store that is offering a perfect blend of youthful, classy, and chic designs at highly affordable prices. The brand stands for strength, confidence, elegance and style. We, at Garnet, are taking an initiative to provide top notch quality and trendy designs at the most reasonable rates. We try to make something for everyone, ranging from daily wear, casuals, to semi-formals and formals. Team Garnet aims to provide a huge diversity in prints, fabric and designs, which will not only add more life to your wardrobes; they will be absolute head turners. Each article is made with love and a lot of thought in order to cater to your fashion needs, trying to make it exactly how you would want to wear it.


Garnet came into being when two ambitious undergraduates from LUMS decided to join hands to make a mark in the fashion industry. They decided to come up with a specialised brand that will not just bring trendy, unique and latest designs to your doorsteps, it will do so at the most economical prices. Associated with a supplying team that specializes in Luxury Screen Printing and has been exporting to various European countries for decades, we don’t just have young passionate leaders, but a lot of experienced members in our core team as well. Our team’s dedication and passion is what sets us apart.


We believe that everyone deserves to have the best fashion experience, therefore, we use a distinctive color palette, an extensive range of designs and quality fabric that will not just enhance your personal sense of style, but be easy on the pocket too. So, to all our lovely customers, Happy Shopping!